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Rodeo Central EntryCentral Entry Software               
Entry Software
designed to allow any rodeo producer or association or groups with similar requirements to take entries for multiple events, with multiple performances. The program will perform random preference draws, assign a draw order by event, by performance. The sanctioning group has many options to manage the events according to their rules.
 KCI also will provide this service as an outsourced service to producers or associations on a per entry basis.
Call for pricing for your organization.  

 KCI ONLINE ENTRY- custom online event entry for event producers, the system is run on secure  MS SQL server. The system provides a separate entry page for your contestants to make their entries, and completely separate administrative web interface to allow you to make entries and process credit card, check, or cash payments that have been mailed or faxed in. It allows the producer to set event caps, and reserve stalls and RV's. Makes provisions for "Late" charges on entries made after a cut off date. KCI has processed over 28,000 online entries for our clients in the last 2 years.
NO START UP COSTS from KCI, service is billed on a "per entry" basis , and in most cases changes your entry process from an expense to a income item.